Hello to all of my fabulous slaying beauties out there!! It’s been quite some time since I have been blogging, and so much has happened in my life since (some good, some bad, lessons learned, new life-but all worth it).


During this past year, I have experienced so much and seen a lot and grown a lot. I have lost family and gained family. I have also had to delete poison from my life as it was truly taking the life out of me. It has truly been a roller coaster ride.

As for my professional life, I had to put a comma in my business as I needed to focus on my family (addition to my family). I have had to refocus, re-brand and restructure. There is so much I want to give to the world and I am working on putting it all together. See, I had so many people telling me what I should do and I began to forget my WHY…Why am I doing this? Why is this so important to me?

So I got off of Social Media (created a new personal FB page) so I can keep my circle small and intimate; and I began just writing all of my thoughts and ideas of who I am, what I have to give and how I can put it all together for the world to use. I began researching and finding wonderful sites and programs that will help me reach the goals I am aiming for. But except this time I will do them on my own time without being pushed and tricked.

My business is still in the comma stage at this moment…as I am putting together my ideas I am working on creating different programs, products, webinars, online classes, etc. So there will be so much in store. 🙂

Stay tuned…..