No New Year’s Resolution for Me

Hey everyone!! It’s New Year’s Eve and the New Year is upon us…

As we know it is common for many of us to make New Year’s Resolutions. And many of us know that we don’t stick them each year, therefore making those same resolutions year after year after year.

This year I have decided – No New Year’s Resolution for me!!! Why? Because it does me no justice, no good to continue to lie to myself each year knowing that I won’t fulfill those resolutions.

So I have decided to create a Master Plan for my New Year 2017 – this Master Plan is a written goal list of everything I WILL accomplish in this New Year. These goals are broken down into mini goals, sub-mini goals, tasks, to-do, etc. to help guide in both my professional and personal lives. I am not just saying what I intend to do, I am putting it into action by doing…

agenda-1928416_640It’s one thing to say what you are going to do in 2017, but it’s another thing to actually make a plan and map out your goals and accomplishments for the New Year. It’s time to set goals – SMART goals that are Specific, Measurable, Agreed (Attainable, Achievable), Realistic (Relevant), Time-bound – SMART


We all have dreams but with these dreams, we must have a plan, and with every plan we must take action….we can’t accomplish any goal in life without moving in faith. It may not look like it will work, it may look impossible but you will never know if don’t move forth.


What can you do to set goals in the New Year? Start with a Vision Board…


What is so great about a vision board is that you get to have fun building your plan, you get to have a visual representation of what you see your 2017 to be.

I have a gift for all of you Free Download —->>>”Manifesting your Dreams Through Vision Board“….Create your vision board today and turn 2017 into the year of MANIFESTATION!!!!!!




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Do Not Be Ashamed


Mental Illness has become such a stigma, that many fear in judgment to come forth of what they are going through.

Most of the time depression starts with sadness and the feeling of loneliness. Once a person becomes angry and irrational, that’s the point where they finally have their breakdown. And it’s because they have bottled inside their emotions believing that no one cares, no one understands, and others will condemn them for how they feel.

But we have to be the voice because mental illness is real…it’s not a stigma! If we can help care for those who have a physical illness then we can surely be hope for those who are mentally ill.

As I have been reading about Kanye West’s breakdown and hospitalization, it brings me to when I also dealt with depression. Even though I am a mental illness survivor, it is still a battle mentally each and every day to keep my mind focused on my faith in God. I 1000% understand what Kanye West is going through and it is something that is hard to describe to those who have never been there.

I firmly believed that since he lost his mom, he was never the same…given that I haven’t lost my mom, I still can empathize with him because my mom and I have an unbreakable bond as she is my best friend. So when he lost his mom, my heart went out to him in so many ways and with all that he is dealing with and has been dealing with as a celebrity in itself I send my prayers to him and his family. Mental illness does not only affect the person but it affects their family and close friends.

Prayers is what he needs, love is what heals…So make sure that when you get on your knees and pray each night, pray for Kanye West and his family.

If we don’t talk about it, we can’t do anything about it!! #IAMALive

Memory Lane

I just want to take a moment and take a trip down memory lane.

I want to go back in time when I first started working in retail and how I fell in love with serving women in their vulnerability.


When I first started working in retail I was in college going to school for Early Childhood Education and was introduced to it by one of my peers. No experience but gave it a try and from that day I loved it!!

At first it was because I simply love clothing, but when I made my first HUGE sale I began to realize that it was more than picking nice outfits for customers. It became more about allowing her to be vulnerable in her insecurities with me to help her find clothing that not only fit and flatter, but helped her feel more self-confident about her body.


Of course, working in retail you will meet many types of women who are searching for clothing for many different reasons. And even though it was fun to help women who were shopping for an outfit for a party, event, etc…but the women who touched me the most were those who came in naked (I don’t mean lack of clothing, but true to her feelings). These women shared their stories helping me understand why they feel the way they feel or think the way they think – and that vulnerability allowed me to truly know them. I was more than just a sales associate/assistant manager helping them but I was their beacon of hope. It was an experience that I would never forget. When they left the store, they were different than when they left. For me that was my way of ministering to them how beautiful they were both inside and outside.

See, what I do is more than just choosing cute outfits…what I do is help women find herself, love herself, and BE herself.

Why I Love Fashion?


So why do I love fashion, clothing, beauty, etc.?

Hmmm…..great question.

Fashion and clothing to me has always been a way for me to creatively express myself…it has always been my way of being ME.

Fashion and clothing is a form of art – you get to put different pieces of clothing together to create something that exudes your inner creativeness. It allows you to be bold, eccentric, sassy, sexy, and chic (or whatever you prefer). It allows you to be YOU.

Early Life


Growing up, I always stood out…I never wore what was trendy but I always remained true to my personality style. And the result, I did get teased for not wearing what “was in”. But I didn’t care, because I refused to be a copy of someone else. God made me unique and different and I didn’t want any one to take that away from.

I used to make clothing for my dolls using old socks and old tees, sewing and creating clothing of art. Now that was fun, in my own world, doing what I love.

I was also my mom’s stylist…every day I would help her put outfits together that represented her. She would have the hardest time finding something to wear in the madness of clothing she had, which I thought was funny…because she would say, “I have nothing to wear.” LOL But I was able to turn nothing into somethings.

I also loved makeup, hair and nails. Even though I did go to the hairdresser and I got manicures and pedicures…I still loved doing it all myself. And every time I did I would feel free. The cool thing is that I could have went to cosmetology school but I didn’t because I didn’t know how lucrative and how I could have used that knowledge and skills to further grow and expand in my true dreams. Instead I went the route that I thought everyone expected I should take. (This is why I am so adamant about my children pursuing their dreams and not what others tell them to pursue)

All I knew is that I love clothing, fashion, and beauty but I really didn’t think about turning it into a career or business.


The Retail Life


In college I began to work in the world of retail. When I first started working in retail, it was because I love clothes. But each day as I created outfits for women, helping them feel more confident in their own skin; it allowed them to be vulnerable with me in telling their insecurities…as I reassured them that they are absolutely beautiful. I began to learn that a lot these women were looking for more than just cute, fashionable, trendy clothing but they were looking for someone to help them see truly who they are.

That’s when I realized that God gave me a gift of seeing the blessings in women. When I look at women the first thing I see is the beauty – her eyes, her smile, etc…and what I do is find a way to emphasize those assets. Let me explain, when most of us look in the mirror we tend to look at what we don’t like about our body and trying to figure out how to fix it – BUT- what stands out to me when I help other women is what makes her unique.

Every woman is beautiful and it is my mission to bring that awareness to all women, no matter her size, no matter her body type, no matter her nationality, no matter her age, no matter her race…she is Beautiful!

Beauty is…


Beauty is more than the outer appearance, it is the internal being of how she sees herself. Beauty is in the mind, in the heart, in the spirit…and when they are not aligned, you see yourself in a distorted way, simply unrealistic. Your imaginations take over and you don’t see yourself as you truly are but what the distorted version shows you.


It is my purpose to help you change that mirror, help you clean those lenses because I want you to SEE what God sees.


North Carolina Post Hurricane Matthew

As I have been watching the news lately, I have been learning more and more of the devastation that Hurricane Matthew has brought to North Carolina.

During the hurricane, my family and I stayed in North Carolina…and as were driving home we did see flooding and trees down but never would we have thought what we are seeing now on the news is the reality of the aftermath.



Homes and towns are flooded and the water will continue to rise. Homes were destroyed….no one expected this to happen. And it’s not getting better; as the rivers rise so will the flood.


I cannot say that I understand what North Carolinian’s who are deeply affected feels or how it feels to lose everything. But I can only imagine how lost, sadden, angry, and even hopeless it may be feel to lose your home, your sanctuary, your safe place…and I would never try to sugarcoat the situation by saying “Everything will be fine”…Now is not the time for cliche sayings but a helping hand full of love and giving.

How Can WE Help?


They are in need of any help possible and if you want to give a helping hand, click HERE.

And of course, they need all the praying we can do…It’s time to move mountains.

Post Hurricane Matthew

So it has been crazy the past week and a half, especially with Hurricane Matthew making his way to the south east coast and the islands.

I am from Myrtle Beach, SC and even though we have been affected in many ways, it does not compare to Haiti…

So first I want to say that I send my prayers to Haiti because they were hit badly and being that Haiti is not an economically sustained country, this hurricane caused a complete devastation.


So can we have a moment of silence and pray for Haiti……..






And if you are looking to donate visit the website Hope For Haiti.

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew was one unpredictable hurricane that caused so much damage, that even I am shocked at what my hometown experienced during it’s reign. This was a Category 1 hurricane and I thank God that even though it caused a lot of damage, many of us were spared from it’s wrath.

Our governor, Nikki Haley, declared a state of emergency for SC and ordered an evacuation for most of the coastal cities in SC. So that’s what we did (after changing our minds 1000 times..LOL).


My Family and I

Well we made it through and are ready to get back to normality. School is still closed and there are still thousands of homes without electricity…And I think some are getting “cabin fever”.

My family and I left town because we did not want to take any chances especially with having two young children. It was a little mini-vacation for us and I truly enjoyed it and I know the children enjoyed it as well.

We came home to no electricity and decided to have a mini stay-cation (no electricity and young children, especially a 22-month old does not mix) and again the children are enjoying themselves (as well as I).

What I Have Learned


Throughout all of this I have learned patience (well maybe not fully, but a work in progress); the importance of family time – I have been so much time trying to get my business in order, that I was forgetting how precious time is with my family; a storm may come and damages may follow but if you are able to survive it only makes you stronger and wiser! But one of the most important lesson I have learned is to SLOW DOWN, RELAX, and BREATHE…because of this storm I was able to relax my mind and I am less scattered but more focused.



Fair Fight?

Hey Everyone!!

It’s been awhile but I have been, as always, working on new projects, being a mom, revamping my business…trying to keep my sanity 🙂

But today I just had to post about fair fight? With all the chaos going on in the world, what happened to fair fight???


I was just sitting here thinking to myself…why is it that some people do not know how to fight fair? Why do they throw low blows to “prove their point” or try “to make themselves look perfect”?

It is so easy to turn a simple argument into something bigger than what it is, when you hit low – when you attack the person. But many don’t care, they just get into their feelings and instead of staying on topic, they hit low.

Why the Low Blows?

As I mentioned before, many hit low because they are into their feelings and their pride takes over and they don’t want to be wrong. They also feel there should not be another opinion except theirs (*raised eyebrow)

Then, there are those who know they are wrong, so they choose to hit low to bring the other person to their level and therefore attack them for going low – even though they went low first. (Yeah, I know)

Of course you have those who are just sore losers, they don’t want to lose a fight so why not hit low to bully the other person.

Which brings me to BULLYING

Is it Really Bullying?


Let’s think about a bully for a minute – Here is a definition I found online when I searched on Google.

(noun) a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.
(verb) use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.
Now we know this is happening A LOT, our youth are committing suicide and even homicide….but have you ever wondered when you were in an argument with a loved one whether it is a significant other or spouse that either one of you were displaying any sort of this behavior? And let me clarify, I don’t mean those who have been abused mentally and physically, but in a simple argument that you may have had.
Have you ever been in an argument about, let’s say, something you didn’t want to do because you simply didn’t want to do it, but because the arguer wants to do it, he/she tells you that you don’t want to do it because you are a ____ or a _____? That’s bullying, it may not be extreme, but he/she is trying to intimidate you in to doing something they want to do, not respecting that you don’t want to do it (and the reason doesn’t matter). It’s your body, your mind…no one has the right to intimidate you into doing anything you simply DON’T WANT TO DO.

I Have Been There?

I used to wonder why I would get so upset about a simple argument and then I began to realize why, because I was being attacked – my character. The argument went from who forgot to put the juice in the fridge (not a true story, just making a point) to it had to be me because I don’t want that person to have juice – basically, I have an ulterior motive, and so now I am getting defensive and have to defend my character when we were just arguing about who forgot to put the juice in the fridge.

This is toxic and many don’t know they are doing it, they just simply want to WIN the argument.

This type of argument can lead to low self-esteem and depression…

Why Can’t We Agree to Disagree?

Argument is not about winning, it is about expressing your feelings and thoughts without judgments and intimidation. No one should feel intimidated especially when arguing with a loved one (friend, family, etc.) We should feel safe.

It’s okay to disagree without attacking another person’s character and making them feel bad about their opinion – remember you have an opinion too.

Because we live in such a competitive world, agreeing to disagree or even reaching a compromise is not an option…simply WINNING!!

One day I pray and I hope we come to a point where we are simply LOVING – unselfishly!!