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Valerie Simon Radio Interview



What is your story? Tell us where your story begins. 

 August 12, 1966, Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, New York
How did you heal? Tell us your healing process. 
I’m still Healing. I just recently acknowledged and realized how much I needed to HEAL from.
How were you empowered? Was there someone who motivated you, helped you to step out of the darkness? 
Through Heartbreak, PAIN, and Disappointment of losing someone whom I thought loved Me.
How did you renew your mind? 
I’m still Renewing my Mind. The Renewal of the Mind is an ongoing Process.
What are some scriptures that you go to daily and/or when you feel the enemy whispering lies in your mind? 
Roman’s 8:28 All things work together for the good of those who Love the Lord and are Called According to his Purpose. Isaiah 59:19 When the Enemy Comes in Like A Flood the Lord Shall Lift Up A Standard Against Him. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens Me. Psalms 37:25 I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread. Psalms 30:5 Weeping may endure for a Night but Joy Cometh in the Morning.
What is your truth? What revelation did you receive during this process? What did you learn about you? What did God reveal to you? 
I AM A Warrior and A Survivor AGAINST ALL ODDZ. God Has A Divine PURPOSE in My Life. I learned that I Can Do All things through Christ who Strengthens me ( even overcome Death). He revealed that He has Anointed and Appointed Me to this Season of “NOW and Necessary”. He revealed his Strength his made Strong in my Weakness.
Tell us your victory…what did you overcome and how? 
I overcame Death on July 26, 2016, I went in for a scheduled 1-day inpatient surgery and died during the surgery and was placed on a ventilator, oxygen had to have a tracheotomy placed in my lungs to enable me to breathe. Was in a coma. Had to have speech therapy to talk again and physical therapy to regain my strength back in walking and maneuvering around.
How do you use where you have been (your story/testimony) to serve others in your business/ministry/life? 
Now I am very transparent and open minded to telling my STORY with Hope’s that it will Inspire, Empower and Motivate others to PUSH forward with PURPOSE on PURPOSE AGAINST all ODDZ.
What would you tell a woman who is right now, experiencing a storm that seems too strong to bear and they feel like giving up? 
Hold on Change is Coming, weeping may endure for a night but Joy Cometh in the morning. Some of Us have a longer Night than others. But if we Hold On, Keep the Faith, follow the Basic principles of Life we will Survive the Odds.
When and why did you begin writing?
I am planning to release my first book in August 2018
What events do you have coming up?
“Her Story” The Transitioning of the Reformed Woman…Thank God he Called Women with a Past. May 19, 2018 Soon I also will be hosting PURPOSE Parties Inspiring and Empowering others to Identify their Purpose in Life and Optimize their Potential
Tell us where we can find you on Social Media.
Valerie Simon on Facebook
AGAINST All ODDZ group page on Facebook
Queenval66 on Instagram

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