What is an Investment Piece?


Some of you may have heard from a fashion stylist, wardrobe stylist or consultant that you should have investment pieces in your closet. And when you have heard that, you may have flinched at the thought of purchasing clothing at higher costs than you would normally spend.

Now I want to tell you my thoughts on Investment Pieces of clothing…

Investment Pieces of clothing should NEVER be bought at a price you cannot afford…In other words, do not go into debt, do not use your car payment or mortgage money to purchase any of these items.

Do I believe you should have investment pieces in your wardrobe? Yes I do but within reasonable budget. For example, I have a trench coat I purchased for $50 and I had it for over 5 years, that’s approximately $10 a year. Being that I live in Myrtle Beach, SC we don’t have long, cold winters so that was worth the money. But if I lived in New York, I would purchase a much better quality coat because the winters there are longer and colder. Again I would purchase according to my spending budget.

An investment piece of clothing should be an item that will last years.

Investment pieces vary from person to person, as I gave you my story of my trench coat for $50.00, another may purchase a coat for $250 because their budget and lifestyle fit the cost. So it’s important to be wise in your spending, no matter what you are purchasing.


Here are a few tips to purchasing investment pieces:

  • Make a shopping plan of what items you need

  • Create a budget plan

  • Create a shopping list based on your shopping plan and budget

  • Stay focused while shopping, making sure to only purchase what is on your list

  • Shop off-season (i.e. shop for fall/winter items in the spring/summer and spring/summer items in fall/winter) – this is when you will find great prices

  • Try online shopping – quality products at reasonable prices (FYI: make sure you know your measurements)

  • Make sure to read the Care Instructions on each item before purchasing – you want to make sure that you are able to care for the items as directed by the label. For example, if it says Dry Clean, make sure that you are able to afford that expense compared to the cost of the item…Is it worth it?

  • Have FUN!!

So what exactly are some Investment Pieces worth purchasing??

Blue JeansCami and Jeans

Black Pants


Black Blazer

Dinner Date


Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress #2

The Trench Coat

The Trench Coat

Denim Skirt

Be True to You

These are just some items I believe you should have in your wardrobe…they can be worn for years because they are so versatile and work for all style personalities! And…these items will always remain trendy.

Remember don’t overspend, only purchase what you need and most importantly HAVE FUN!!

The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Have you struggled to find the perfect pair of jeans? Do you try on a ton of jeans in one try-on session, only to not be able to find one pair of jeans that fit your body?

No worries, let me help you…

Before you even think about searching, trying on, and purchasing a pair of jeans…

First thing’s first, get your measurements.

Download your free Measure My Body guide and measure your body. Download it HERE

Now that you have your measurements, you can begin the search for the perfect pair of jeans…

I want to say first and foremost that what one may consider to be the perfect fit may not fit the criteria for another but here are a few suggestions and tips to use:

  • Make sure your jeans are not super tight – this will only cause a lot of bulging *Honestly super tight jeans are not very flattering and they are very uncomfortable.
  • Rule of thumb – make sure you have room in your jeans to insert your thumb at your waist. You want to have a good stretch at the waist without it being to big.


  • You should be able to bend and move in your jeans. (Not to be brutal, but you don’t want to look like a plumber from the back)
  • Your jeans should be a smooth fit, laying flat over your body (no lumps or bumps)


  • Of course, we want to have a flattering round bottom

0913161851 0913161846








Personally, I love high waist jeans, because they give me a more flattering look and I feel sexy. Most importantly, they hide my little pouch…LOL!



I purchased these jeans from a great online store that I have fallen in love with and if you are a curvaceous woman, this is the perfect website for you to purchase your jeans

Most Importantly

Always remember that your jeans should be three things: FIERCE, FABULOUS, and FUNCTIONAL!!

Fall Wear


The air is getting crispier and Fall is in the air, it’s time to get your wardrobe ready for the cooler temperatures but you have no idea how – should you buy more clothes, what to do?

Here is a Fall Wear Tip:

Layering will become your best friend. Keep your tanks and tees and layer with cardigans and blazers. This is one trend that will never go out of style.



You can purchase jeans HERE. *FYI: I didn’t pay full price for the jeans 🙂



I purchased these suede high low tanks online at but they are no longer available, I paid $3.99 for each tank. (I love tanks and wear them all year long, so I make sure I stock up on these – most importantly they fit my style personality and my lifestyle)


You can purchase blazer HERE. *FYI: I did not pay full price for this blazer 🙂

End Result

Ta-Da!! Your Fall Wear outfit…paired with some great heels and cute jewelry and you can stay warm and look Fierce & Fabulous!!

0921161631 0921161632a 0921161633a 0921161635 0921161637

*I am not an affiliate with any of these companies, I am just a very satisfied customer who absolutely love their clothing – great quality, great prices.

**If you want to learn how I shop SMART without compromising my Fierceness and Fabulousness, CONTACT ME today and let’s get you Shopping SMART!!

Go Get Your Fall ON!!

Feel the Way the You Dress

I am sure many of you have heard, or even said it yourself “I look the way feel.” – Referring to whatever you are wearing that day based on your emotions at the moment.

Well I completely disagree with that saying. I believe that you should dress the way you WANT to feel; then you will begin to feel the way you dress!

FGFT – Feel Good Fashion Tip:

Dress the way you WANT to feel; then you will begin to feel the way you dress!



Add a pair of heels with your jeans or a bold statement necklace…apply some lipstick and eye color and watch your confidence rise!1018161143a 1018161151 win_20161018_11_14_33_pro win_20161018_11_19_22_pro win_20161018_11_22_16_pro

Living Your Authentic Self

Help I Need A Wardrobe Do-Over!! Part 4

Hey Guys!!

So this is the last step in completing a wardrobe do-over…SHOPPING!

Now, I am not talking about impulse-no plan-going broke-buy everything you see shopping.


Before you even step outside to go to your first store…you need to have a plan and a list! Whenever you take a grocery shopping trip, do you just go in and pick up what you think you need or want or do you have a plan and a list? Right…a plan and a list. The same applies to clothing shopping or any type of shopping.

You cannot go into this blindly.

So let’s create a plan. How? I created a form that you can complete to help you in this process. Click HERE and download What is My Shopping Plan?

Before moving on, it is imperative that you complete this form NOW.



I know this may seem like a lot of work but it is important that you are prepared for your shopping trips. Once you make a habit, you will be able to go shopping without a list.


Alright everyone…this is it! I hope this series Help I Need a Wardrobe Do-Over!! has helped you in creating and/or updating your wardrobe.

But if you would like to dig deeper and learn more about how to become a pro in auditing and organizing your wardrobe, I have a program called My Closet, My Life – 90 Days to a Working Wardrobe. This program will change the way you look at your wardrobe, the way you look at shopping, and help build confidence in your image. This is a self-paced program, but I suggest completing in 90 days because I don’t want you to lose any momentum.