Aaaargh!! Clean UP!


So after all is said and done and we have arrived home and we have regained power…the work is not over; it is time to clean up. I tell you, it looks like Hurricane Matthew just made his way into my house…LOL!

So much to do and I am already exhausted especially with two kids who seem to want to mess everything up again!



So wish me luck and send a prayer my way as I tackle my way through washing 2 weeks of clothing and cleaning 2 weeks of dirt and trash.




My Talented Son

My Talented Son

I don’t mean to be bias (well, yes I do πŸ™‚ ) but this is one talented young man…9 years old and has an ear for music.

I remember when I was pregnant with him, I would play music in the car and I would feel him swimming and probably even dancing in there…LOL! If I ever turned the music off, he would kick me in the side REAL hard. And I remember the song he loved me to play and that was Wish You Were HereΒ by Jamie Foxx (Unpredictable Album).Β And when he was a baby I would play lullabies for him to sleep peacefully…and even to this day he has to go to bed with music (Gospel always). His first instrument was drums, then guitar, and now keyboard. He is a one-man band πŸ˜€ His love for music is tender, loving, and beautiful. It is his passion and we nurture it. As I am typing he is practicing right now.

From day 1 my son has been given the gift of music and I am honored that God chose me to bless with such an amazing, talented, loving young man! I always say that he is the first person that I ever fell in love with at first sight πŸ™‚ And still in love with him today.



Because he is such a talented young man, we have created a YouTube channel where he can share his gift to the world…We believe any God-given gift is not to be withheld but to be given to the world, which is why they are gifts. We hope you enjoy this video and subscribe to his channel! I am his biggest cheerleader…well actually I think his Dad is…LOL!!

WARNING: His little sister is playing drums in the background πŸ™‚