WOW! I Crochet Braided My Hair!

Happy Labor Day Everyone! I think that’s correct 🙂

This has been an interesting weekend…starting with Tropical Storm Hermine which dumped so much water here in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Well I decided, hey why not try something different with my hair…something I have been wanting to try for so long. So I did.

I am natural and have been for over 5 years and it has been quite a journey. With me raising two children (9 years old and 20 months old) and being a wife…Life gets busy along with my entrepreneurial journey. So I was sitting thinking what can I do to hair that will help me have one less “to do” on my list.

Then it hit me, why not try to crochet braid my hair. Hmmmm…..well I have never done it before, will it look okay? *Yeah, I am always having conversations with myself.*

So I watched some Youtube videos and did some research and decided to give a go. I went to our nearest hair supply store and bought my hair and crochet hook; went home washed my hair.

These are some of the products I used, all purchased from Wal-Mart.

Natural hair care products

First I used Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Shampoo. Next I used As I Am Coconut Cowash to wash out any residue I may have missed while washing my hair. After that I use Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Conditioner, placed a plastic cap (or maybe 2) on my head and let it sit for about 10 minutes.

Conditioning my hair


I rinsed the conditioner out and toweled dry my hair. And took a fun pic with my baby 🙂


I checked my length and I am very happy with how my hair has grown these past few years while natural.

0819161924 0819161923b







Then, I blowed out my hair and braided it in cornrows.



I used 8 packs of Anytime Jumbo Loop Pre-twist Braids.
jumbo twists1

And here is the final result.









So I decided that I would rather un-twist the twists and this is what I got 🙂
0904161834 0904161831






And just to make you laugh…here is how I wrap my hair at night.




So that’s it!! Tomorrow…back to Wadrobing – The next step in creating a complete wardrobe do-over: Purge Baby Baby!!