Hello All Fashion lovers and welcome to my blog. This is not your ordinary fashion only blog….as a woman of Faith, a believer and Follower of Christ this blog is about loving ourselves and being a light to others. How does that fall into fashion? You may ask…well what we put on our bodies (God’s temple) is a reflection of who we are.  How we take care of these bodily temples reflect more than just how we look but our Spirit. It is very important for us to love our bodies physically, spiritually, and mentally. And as we have been gifted with these vessels it is our responsibility to be mindful of what we put in and on them. Remember they are only borrowed for a short time.

This blog is not your ordinary blog because I don’t believe in conforming to what the world says is the trend…I believe that we are all unique and our style should respectfully reflect our personality. I love mixing prints, but another fashion lover may love solid colors. I love bright and bold colors, another fashion lover may love earth colors. Neither one of us are wrong, we are just expressing our uniqueness. Part of me being a woman of Faith and Follower of Christ is that I do not conform to the ideas of the world (Romans 12:2). I remain true to who I am.

I love women and all that we are…we are strong, intelligent, beautiful, successful and we are Queens! Therefore we must emulate and demonstrate who we are.  No matter your shape, no matter your size, no matter your style, no matter…you are BEAUTY. I hope that you enjoy this blog and I hope that it is encouraging and uplifting as well as helpful.




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