Mental Illness has become such a stigma, that many fear in judgment to come forth of what they are going through.

Most of the time depression starts with sadness and the feeling of loneliness. Once a person becomes angry and irrational, that’s the point where they finally have their breakdown. And it’s because they have bottled inside their emotions believing that no one cares, no one understands, and others will condemn them for how they feel.

But we have to be the voice because mental illness is real…it’s not a stigma! If we can help care for those who have a physical illness then we can surely be hope for those who are mentally ill.

As I have been reading about Kanye West’s breakdown and hospitalization, it brings me to when I also dealt with depression. Even though I am a mental illness survivor, it is still a battle mentally each and every day to keep my mind focused on my faith in God. I 1000% understand what Kanye West is going through and it is something that is hard to describe to those who have never been there.

I firmly believed that since he lost his mom, he was never the same…given that I haven’t lost my mom, I still can empathize with him because my mom and I have an unbreakable bond as she is my best friend. So when he lost his mom, my heart went out to him in so many ways and with all that he is dealing with and has been dealing with as a celebrity in itself I send my prayers to him and his family. Mental illness does not only affect the person but it affects their family and close friends.

Prayers is what he needs, love is what heals…So make sure that when you get on your knees and pray each night, pray for Kanye West and his family.

If we don’t talk about it, we can’t do anything about it!! #IAMALive


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