Wow, that’s a strong statement…you are probably thinking! But it’s true I hate the comfort zone.

The comfort zone tells me that it safe to not be me; to be what I think others think I should be, do or say. And that is why I hate it. It keeps us in a box that we have allowed others to place us in, keeping us blocked from our blessings. It’s hard to see what’s on the outside when you are closed in – it causes anxiety, frustration, anger and one to be overwhelmed! Being inside that box keeps us stuck…we think it keeps us safe from the “what ifs”, but it actually keeps us from the “what we can become.

The Comfort Zone tells me to conform to the thoughts and ways of the world and not that of my own – of what God has placed in me. Because of that we tend to missed out on what God has for us. Being in the comfort zone causes us to be paralyzed in fear, scared that if we don’t conform we won’t be accepted. But it’s not about being accepted, but about fulfilling your purpose, your purpose of being!

Stepping out of the comfort zone is actually stepping out in YOU! It’s where you are most powerful and bold. And the enemy knows this, that’s why he uses others to hold you back from your destiny. It’s time to break…let me rephrase that – DESTROY barriers!!




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