I just want to take a moment and take a trip down memory lane.

I want to go back in time when I first started working in retail and how I fell in love with serving women in their vulnerability.


When I first started working in retail I was in college going to school for Early Childhood Education and was introduced to it by one of my peers. No experience but gave it a try and from that day I loved it!!

At first it was because I simply love clothing, but when I made my first HUGE sale I began to realize that it was more than picking nice outfits for customers. It became more about allowing her to be vulnerable in her insecurities with me to help her find clothing that not only fit and flatter, but helped her feel more self-confident about her body.


Of course, working in retail you will meet many types of women who are searching for clothing for many different reasons. And even though it was fun to help women who were shopping for an outfit for a party, event, etc…but the women who touched me the most were those who came in naked (I don’t mean lack of clothing, but true to her feelings). These women shared their stories helping me understand why they feel the way they feel or think the way they think – and that vulnerability allowed me to truly know them. I was more than just a sales associate/assistant manager helping them but I was their beacon of hope. It was an experience that I would never forget. When they left the store, they were different than when they left. For me that was my way of ministering to them how beautiful they were both inside and outside.

See, what I do is more than just choosing cute outfits…what I do is help women find herself, love herself, and BE herself.



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