So I was just getting my daughter and myself ready for bed and, as I always do, began talking to God (my Father) and he said this to me:

Stop working for faith and start working IN faith.

Yes! I said it!

Religion tells us to work for our faith, that the only way to be blessed is to work for it. If I want to receive my healing I have to make sure I attend every service in church, be an usher, sing on the choir, read my Bible religiously, etc. etc…Because remember it is written that faith without works is dead (James 2:14-26). Yes that is true.

We can’t work for blessing or work to be loved by God. The work has already been done. The work He is referring to is moving and acting as if it has already been done. For example, if I say I am healed…then I must speak, move, and act like I am healed – that is my work. Going to church, being an usher, etc. will not heal me, my faith will and when I work in my faith I have already received my healing.

Nothing you or I do or will ever cause blessings to flow…God blesses us not because we are good or because we do good things, He blesses us because He is good. But if we are planting seeds of iniquity, death, hatred; we will reap that harvest. So that is where the stopping of blessings come in. Not because we didn’t go to church, but because we planted a death seed. Remember you reap what you sow.

God is an AWESOME God and His love for us is beyond our comprehension or understanding. So stop trying to work for your blessing and starting working in your blessing – work in your faith. The work was done on the cross 2,000+ years ago. So what are you doing?



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