North Carolina Post Hurricane Matthew

As I have been watching the news lately, I have been learning more and more of the devastation that Hurricane Matthew has brought to North Carolina.

During the hurricane, my family and I stayed in North Carolina…and as were driving home we did see flooding and trees down but never would we have thought what we are seeing now on the news is the reality of the aftermath.



Homes and towns are flooded and the water will continue to rise. Homes were destroyed….no one expected this to happen. And it’s not getting better; as the rivers rise so will the flood.


I cannot say that I understand what North Carolinian’s who are deeply affected feels or how it feels to lose everything. But I can only imagine how lost, sadden, angry, and even hopeless it may be feel to lose your home, your sanctuary, your safe place…and I would never try to sugarcoat the situation by saying “Everything will be fine”…Now is not the time for cliche sayings but a helping hand full of love and giving.

How Can WE Help?


They are in need of any help possible and if you want to give a helping hand, click HERE.

And of course, they need all the praying we can do…It’s time to move mountains.


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