Post Hurricane Matthew

So it has been crazy the past week and a half, especially with Hurricane Matthew making his way to the south east coast and the islands.

I am from Myrtle Beach, SC and even though we have been affected in many ways, it does not compare to Haiti…

So first I want to say that I send my prayers to Haiti because they were hit badly and being that Haiti is not an economically sustained country, this hurricane caused a complete devastation.


So can we have a moment of silence and pray for Haiti……..






And if you are looking to donate visit the website Hope For Haiti.

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew was one unpredictable hurricane that caused so much damage, that even I am shocked at what my hometown experienced during it’s reign. This was a Category 1 hurricane and I thank God that even though it caused a lot of damage, many of us were spared from it’s wrath.

Our governor, Nikki Haley, declared a state of emergency for SC and ordered an evacuation for most of the coastal cities in SC. So that’s what we did (after changing our minds 1000 times..LOL).


My Family and I

Well we made it through and are ready to get back to normality. School is still closed and there are still thousands of homes without electricity…And I think some are getting “cabin fever”.

My family and I left town because we did not want to take any chances especially with having two young children. It was a little mini-vacation for us and I truly enjoyed it and I know the children enjoyed it as well.

We came home to no electricity and decided to have a mini stay-cation (no electricity and young children, especially a 22-month old does not mix) and again the children are enjoying themselves (as well as I).

What I Have Learned


Throughout all of this I have learned patience (well maybe not fully, but a work in progress); the importance of family time – I have been so much time trying to get my business in order, that I was forgetting how precious time is with my family; a storm may come and damages may follow but if you are able to survive it only makes you stronger and wiser! But one of the most important lesson I have learned is to SLOW DOWN, RELAX, and BREATHE…because of this storm I was able to relax my mind and I am less scattered but more focused.




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