Hey Guys!!

So this is the last step in completing a wardrobe do-over…SHOPPING!

Now, I am not talking about impulse-no plan-going broke-buy everything you see shopping.


Before you even step outside to go to your first store…you need to have a plan and a list! Whenever you take a grocery shopping trip, do you just go in and pick up what you think you need or want or do you have a plan and a list? Right…a plan and a list. The same applies to clothing shopping or any type of shopping.

You cannot go into this blindly.

So let’s create a plan. How? I created a form that you can complete to help you in this process. Click HERE and download What is My Shopping Plan?

Before moving on, it is imperative that you complete this form NOW.



I know this may seem like a lot of work but it is important that you are prepared for your shopping trips. Once you make a habit, you will be able to go shopping without a list.


Alright everyone…this is it! I hope this series Help I Need a Wardrobe Do-Over!! has helped you in creating and/or updating your wardrobe.

But if you would like to dig deeper and learn more about how to become a pro in auditing and organizing your wardrobe, I have a program called My Closet, My Life – 90 Days to a Working Wardrobe. This program will change the way you look at your wardrobe, the way you look at shopping, and help build confidence in your image. This is a self-paced program, but I suggest completing in 90 days because I don’t want you to lose any momentum.



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