Hey Everyone!!

Sorry for the delay, but Life Happens sometimes.

Sooooo Let’s get back to business….If you have been following me, you have already read the first two parts of my Help I Need a Wardrobe Do-Over Series.

If you haven’t I suggest going back to read them so you won’t be lost. Part 1 and Part 2



Alright, so as you all know I am completing a wardrobe do-over and wanted to share how you can complete one as well.

The first step was to get your measurements…after all you wouldn’t know what fit or didn’t fit if you have no idea what your size is.

The second step was to determine your personality style…This is how you will know what clothing is true to who you are. And if you were stuck on this step, you can complete the CONTACT ME form and I can help you.


It’s time to Purge, Baby, Purge!! The biggest mistake I have noticed when we try to clean and organize our closets is that we tend to SHOP FIRST. That is a big No-No…and let me tell you why: you don’t know what to shop for

As a result, you may overspend and/or purchase the wrong items. In other words, you go in without a plan or purpose.

Purging your wardrobe takes honesty – being honest with what doesn’t fit your body or personality.

When purging your wardrobe here are the questions you should ask yourself:

(1) Is the item in poor condition? Is the item in good condition but out of date? (2) Is this an item you really like, and would purchase in the store if you were to see it? (3) Has this item been worn in the past 2 years? If not, why? (Your why will determine whether it stays or goes) (4) Does it fit your style personality, body type (fit and flatter), and does the color compliment your skin tone? (5) Do you feel good in this item? — If you are undecided on any particular item place it in the MAYBE bag.

Before moving onto the next step you need to make sure you have made a final decision on the MAYBE clothing.

Now that you have purged and let it go…you can create your inventory list.

Click HERE to download the Wardrobe Checklist I created and use it during this step in your Wardrobe Do-Over.



Once you have completed this step….It’s time to get excited because the final and last step in this journey is SHOPPING!!! I know some of you may not be as excited about this, but when you see how easy and stress free your shopping experience will be once I show you HOW…all of those frowns will turn upside down!

Until Then….



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