So just for fun I wanted to post some pics I took on #YouCamMakeup App.

I really love this app, whenever I am feeling stressed or need to clear my head…this is where I go.

This app is so much fun but yet I don’t get lost in it like social media. It allows me to be creative and expressive while trying so many different fun looks.

2016-09-11-16-34-57-916 2016-09-11-16-57-03-215 2016-09-11-17-16-01-894 2016-09-11-17-50-15-898 2016-09-11-19-40-16-023 2016-09-12-11-51-09-320

I recommend this app to anyone who loves to have fun with makeup and changing their looks without the commitment. And it’s a great way for makeup lovers to test different colors on their face before actually applying makeup.

This app has been my go-to in choosing the right makeup for my skin.

So I suggest trying it out, what have you got to lose…it’s FREE and it’s FUN, can’t get any better than that!

Download it on iTunes HERE or Download it on Google Play HERE.


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