Okay so now you have your measurements, so you have an idea of what size you wear…GREAT!!


Is describing your style personality. For some this is pretty simple, but for others not so much.

There are 5 basic types of style personalities and we each fall under at least 1 and maximum of 2. These 5 basic types of style personalities are: ROMANTIC, CLASSIC, CREATIVE, DRAMATIC, and NATURAL.

 Romantic Style


Your style is considered ROMANTIC if:

  • You love to dress up
  • You love to wear dresses and skirts that are feminine and frilly
  • You wear makeup (or prefer) that is very subtle but focuses on the eyes
  • You love soft colors, pastels like mauve, pink, peach
  • You love delicate jewelry that is simple such as pearls and diamonds
  • You love floral and lace prints

Classical Style


Your style is considered CLASSIC if:

  • You love to wear suits (pants and skirts)
  • You love to look elegant and professional, refined and mature
  • You prefer to purchase clothing based on quality and not quantity
  • You prefer your clothing to be tailored (never too big or too fitting)
  • You wear jewelry of fine quality and sophistication
  • You avoid wearing too many colors but stick to safe, classic colors

Creative Style


Your style is considered CREATIVE if:

  • You love to bold and daring
  • You love bold, statement jewelry and accessories
  • You love colors (mix and match, contrast)
  • You love to experiment with makeup
  • You look at fashion and clothing as a way of expressing yourself
  • You have a very unique way of creating outfits
  • You are a trendsetter

Dramatic Style


Your style is considered DRAMATIC if:

  • You like to WOW people
  • Your makeup is dramatic, i.e red lips and bold eyelashes
  • You are inspired by Hollywood glamour and “Red Carpet” fashion
  • You love to over-dress
  • You LOVE to shop
  • You don’t follow practicality in your outfit choices
  • You have high self-confidence
  • You are constantly following the fashion trends of celebrities

 Natural Style


Your style is considered NATURAL if:

  • You love simple looks
  • You prefer comfort over style
  • You prefer natural look and/or minimal makeup
  • You love to wear jeans over skirts and dresses
  • You prefer loose-fitting clothes over tight-fitting clothes
  • You love earth tones


My style personality is a mixture of both ROMANTIC and CLASSICAL, so I consider myself Classic Romantic.

Which one(s) are you?  If you are still not able to determine your style personality, fill out the CONTACT LATONYA form and I will send you a Style Personality questionnaire to complete and I will help you figure out your style personality.


Now that you have your measurements and know your style personality, lets get to PURGING…Purging that closet, getting rid of what doesn’t belong.


Happy Wardrobing!!




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