Hey Everyone!! It’s been sometime since I posted. So much has been going on…working on Agape Love Clothing and Accessories, getting son ready for school (YES! School is now in session), working on my Image/Style Consultant website and many other projects.

And on top of that my allergies are going crazy, have a bad cough…and my baby girl has a cold.



I am excited to say that I have received my orders from, my now, FAVORITE ONLINE CLOTHING STORE Boohoo!!! The quality is out of this world and the fit is AMAZING!

I am doing a complete wardrobe makeover or shall I say do-over…my clothing were so out-dated, the wrong sizes (body changed after giving birth to my second), did not fit my personality – just TOTALLY WRONG!!!


And I want to share this journey with you…


The first thing to do when you are doing a wardrobe audit, transforming your wardrobe, adding items to your wardrobe…is to TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS!!

Measurements…but I don’t know how.

Simple…You can try to measure yourself or you could have a friend or family member measure you.

First, you must have a tape measure…not the one your husband uses to build (LOL) but the sewing tape measure that dressmakers use. I will be honest, this is something we all should have because our body constantly changes. You can purchase them from Walmart for about $5.00:

Tape Measure

Tape measure

Very inexpensive!


*Dramatic Music* Now let’s get those measurements.

What do I measure?

Great question…Click Here and print the document it will be your best friend!


NEXT STEP: Personality Style….

Happy Wardrobing!!!



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