Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith


As I was cleaning my house (from the disaster my children left it, well actually my soon to be 18-month-old daughter) last night I began thinking and talking to myself (yeah I do that alot) or shall I say talking to God because I know He is listening. I was just thinking about the phrase ‘leap of faith’ and what it really means.

I have come to realize that leap of faith for one is not the same for another, but it doesn’t make one BIGGER than the other. The emphasis is on FAITH. The leap part is easy but it’s the believing and trusting God that can be difficult. Building up the courage and having the confidence to leap, that’s where it is. Each of our level of faith is different and the areas in our lives that we are weak in faith is different which is why each leap of faith is different.

So as I said your leap of faith will not be the same as my leap of faith. Yours may be to quit your day job and start your dream career, while mines may be to create videos to introduce my business, another person’s leap may be to introduce themselves to one person a day. Each different but big in their own way.

No one leap of faith is bigger than the other and no one leap of faith is smaller than the other. They are all significant, unique, and fit the faith-er.

SO…for anyone doubting or wondering or even scare to take that leap of faith…remember the leap isn’t the hard part, just believe and trust that what God has set before you is meant for you and YOU CAN DO IT!! His plans are great and you are not alone….TAKE THAT LEAP OF FAITH!!



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