Hugs and Lots of Love

I thank you to those who liked my last post…it was my real and honest feelings and sometimes I believe it’s okay to express ourselves. Life isn’t always roses and ice cream (yeah I know that makes no sense…LOL!), so why pretend it is, right? So to those who let me vent my frustrations I want to give you all HUGS AND LOTS OF LOVE 🙂

pexels-photo (2) sunset-hands-love-woman

It’s okay to be our feelings sometimes, but just don’t stay there…it’s time to pick up, dust off and keep moving. So with that being said I have restructured my business Diamond Beauty by LaTonya C Knox into an Image and Etiquette Organization for young women, and decided to create my image consulting business under LaTonya Image & Consulting.

After lots of praying, meditation, talking with God I had to make major changes and I am excited to say that I am excited to tell you all about it….BUT you will have to wait. Until then…Okay, Ladies now let’s get in formation!!!!

beyonce formation



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