Summer Wardrobe to Fall Wardrobe

Clever ways to transition summer clothes in Fall

Fall is almost here and I am excited!! The weather is nice, the color of the leaves are breathtakingly beautiful, and you get to wear the cutest Fall clothing. But as the weather gets cooler, you are probably wondering what to wear or feeling slightly disappointed about having to put away your summer clothing. Hey! No worries, you don’t have to put away that sexy maxi dress or maxi skirt; you don’t have to put away your rocking tanks and tee shirts that hug your curves perfectly or those shorts that you just can’t seem to depart with. There is a solution ladies! But how? You might ask. What is a girl to do with all those cute summer clothes now that Autumn is peeking it’s head around the corner?? I have one word for you…LAYER!

One of the tricks I have learned as an Image/Style Consultant is that you have to learn how to be creative, how to make your wardrobe work for you and not against you. I began to learn how to transition my clothes from one season to the next by just simply LAYERING. Not only is this stress free, but is budget friendly – meaning no overspending, no purchasing items you will only wear for one season, no overcrowded closet, etc. You get to play with what you already have and create an entire new wardrobe!! How fun is that – to shop your own closet. Here are some of my favorite Summer to Autumn outfits:

1) The Dress – What is so awesome about the dress is that all you have to do is add a jacket…any type whether it is a denim, leather, blazer, etc. and you will go from causal to rock star to dressy. How simple is that! Change up your shoes and accessories and you will be a Fashionista! The second outfit you see, I put together a short dress with a midi skirt. The outfit choices are endless!!

From Summer to Autumn - Dress(1a) From Summer to Autumn - Dress (1b)






2) Tank Tops – Another one of my favorites is the tank top. Just as the dress you can layer it with a jacket, blazer, etc. and create a new Autumn outfit.

From Summer to Autumn - Tank Top (2b) From Summer to Autumn - Tank Top (2a)





3) Skirts – No matter what type or length of skirt you wear, you can apply the same principle of layering. Whether it’s adding a pair of leggings or turning your maxi skirt into a dress and layering with a jacket, blazer, etc. you can transition it to an Autumn outfit.

From Summer to Autumn - Skirt (3a) From Summer to Autumn - Skirt (3b)









4) Shorts – These are fun to transition from Summer to Autumn. Add a pair of leggings or tights and you will have the perfect Autumn outfit, whether you are looking to dress casual or for a night out on the town! Then accessorize your outfit and look stylish and in season.

From Summer to Autumn - Shorts (4b) From Summer to Autumn - Shorts (4a)









See ladies, you can have fun with your Summer wardrobe even in the Autumn. Don’t put them away, just get creative and use your imagination. Be you, be unique and set your own trend. Go ahead and give it a try, you won’t regret it.

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